Nettle Pot

I missed last week's trip as I was away on the Isle of Skye. Apparently four cavers braved some quite wintry conditions and gave Raven Mine a good exploring. Unfortunately there wasn't a trip planned for this week when I landed back from Skye, but John and I decided that an SRT venue would be nice, and opted for a blast down Nettle to the foot of Elizabeth and back. John agreed to bring rope for the Narrows and Bottle, while I got the rigging together to cover the Gulley pitch and Elizabeth Shaft.

Present: Martyn Grayson, Glyn Roberts, Angus Sawyer, Thomas Spriggs, Ann Soulsby, Richard Tooley

Eleven-ish or maybe twelve-ish and Glyn, Tom and myself stood at the top of 'Nettle Pot'. The solid concrete cap and steel lid was a new addition since I had last been here, over fifteen years ago. That was not the only difference, this time it was already rigged - and little did we know it, we were carrying a sentient rope! The early risers had come here earlier, while we enjoyed a lie in and a leasurely breakfast, and were now somewhere below.