Peak-Speedwell System Surveying

You could probably ask why I am resurveying the Peak-Speedwell system when the survey already exists, published by John Beck. Dave (Moose) Nixon has been putting together a Castleton catchment 3D model of all the caves in Survex; this is a computer 3D modelling surveying package that allows you to view the centreline and how all the caves relate to each. Much of the original data is missing so we are having to resurvey parts of the system so it can be added to the Survex model. My overall aim is to draw up the Peak Speedwell System in therion (another surveying package) importing Moose's 3D Survex model into it then drawing up the entire system in plan, I will also be producing elevations, sections of it as I go.

I have spent the last year picking up parts of Peak Speedwell that needed resurveying for Moose. I am also picking up passage detail as well while I do the surveying. I have just about completed Speedwell, I have some areas to pick up in Peak Cavern and Far Sump Extensions so if anybody wants to help, please get in touch.

Wayne Sheldon

Wayne and Nigel surveying the Near Canal
Wayne Sheldon and Nigel Ball digitally surveying the Near Canal in Speedwell. Photo: Phil Wolstenholme.