Covid-19 Management at The Chapel

Day visits to The Chapel are currently permitted to members only, subject to an online signing-in process, to be made in advance of the visit. In the event of any outbreak in the village that could be linked to use of The Chapel, track-and-trace will need to be initiated, and so signing this register before entry is compulsory. If a non-member is accompanying a member for any reason, they MUST be added to the access register. In the event of an emergency requiring immediate access to the building, please contact a member of The Committee to inform them if possible, and take all mitigating measures (listed below) upon exit.

At the current time (03/07/21), no more than six persons may occupy the building, and so keeping the access register up-to-date and accurate is critical, especially if caving trips are being undertaken as well. It would probably be useful for track-and-trace to keep a log of who attends the caving trip, particularly if the group includes cavers who aren't signed-in to The Chapel. Members are reminded of the need to behave sensibly when using The Chapel and attempt to mitigate any possible transmission between households and/or village residents/shops by maintaining the current social distancing and hygiene regulations at all times.

Overnight stays are permitted for members only, subject to the maximum occupancy rules, and with no more than two people from separate households to a room.

Visitors must adhere to the posted instructions about hygiene, and are required to sanitise hands immediately upon entry, either by using the dispensers provided throughout the building or by washing hands in the toilets. Please do not use any textiles that might be shared to dry hands, but use the disposable rolls provided, and dispose of immediately. If practical, open the back door whenever possible to bring in fresh air, but always ensure this is locked when exiting the building.

Surfaces in shared facilities, such as the toilets, showers and the kitchen must be kept scrupulously clean after use - please clean any surface contacts made with hands after use, using sanitiser sprays and disposable towels. This includes all door handles, fridge-doors, taps, toilet handles, toiler-roll dispensers if touched, etc. All cutlery, glassware and crockery used must be thoroughly cleaned in hot water and washing-up liquid after use. As it is extremely impractical to try and separate our facilities for separate groups, it is essential that all visitors play their part in maintaining a safe environment for others to use. Changing before and after a caving trip should be done carefully, with awareness of personal space. Washing off kit after caving can be messy and wet and often quite busy, with many people potentially making close contact during these activities - please try and maintain some sort of order, and operate the washing equipment and storage/drying facilities as carefully as possible to reduce the risk of transmission between the group. Only one person should occupy the drying room at all times. Remember that almost all of our members are from different households, and so greater care must be taken than usual.

Please also remember that The Chapel is in the centre of a busy tourist village, and so volumes of passing pedestrians and traffic at peak daytimes can be high - please factor this in to your visit and avoid crowds. Remember that we are on a busy road with no pavement on our side, and poor visibility for northbound traffic. Also be aware that passing pedestrians and locals will notice any activity within, and so it is important for our reputation that behaviour in and around the building is seen to be responsible and moderated.