TSG 19

The White Rake Dig
Natural Caverns in Raddlepits Mine, Moss Rake
Underpinning King Shaft
The Story Of  A Stalactite
Shafts on Upper Wrangling Rake
Backburner Choke, James Hall (or playing Kerplunk in JH)
Oden Mine Off-Piste Explorations
How Many Cavers Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?
Suicide (It Almost Was)
Peak Cavern Resurgence; Tidying Up A Few Loose Ends
S.E.P.  Sump, Peak Cavern
Nixon’s Aven, Peak Cavern
Pit Props Passage Explorations And Resurvey
TSG Gouffre Berger Expedition 1987
The 2010 Boulder Piles Problem
2012 Kosovo Trip Report
The BOOM! Extension, Peak Cavern
Mine Shafts On And Around New Rake And Horsepit Rake
JH West Project
JH West, Flooded Cartgate Digging
The Curious Incident In Slingtor Wood
The Re-Opening Of Titan Shaft
When Is A Cave Not A Cave (Or Mine!)?
The Krypton Series - Re-Survey And Extensions
Four Bolts And A Colostomy
Beyond Ink Sump And Doom’s Retreat
The Bullpit Dig
A Typical Wednesday Night At Bullpit
Dig In Cliff Passage, Speedwell
Pebble Arch Passage
Conservation Of The White River Series, Peak Cavern, 2014
Unknown Archive Finds From The TSG Library
From Then To Now
Professional Dossing, Asia Edition
Longcliffe Mine Restoration Project
Son of Longcliffe - An Unexpected And Dramatic Diversion
The Underground Drainage Of The Long Cliff to Goosehill Area, Castleton, Derbyshire
The Speedwell Vent: Application Of Shallow Geophysics To An Old Problem
Obituary - John Salisbury Beck, 1946-2015
Obituary - Ralph Johnson, 1941-2013
Obituary - Keith Joule, 1955-2014
Obituary - Douglas Ashton Nash, 1921-2016
Obituary - Early Reminiscenses Of Dr. Trevor D. Ford, 1925-2017

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