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A number of TSG members recently undertook some conservation work within the Five Arches area of Peak Cavern. We decided that the Five Arches passage was in dire need of a facelift due to the remains of the old show cave that have remained there since this section of the show cave was abandoned in the late eighties. We are trying to revert the cave back as much as possible to its natural state. Five Arches is the fine phreatic passage, seven metres in diameter, that runs between the Devil's Staircase and Buxton Water Sump/Victoria Aven.

River Noe, Eyre's Field, Castleton Rd., Thornhill.The object of this exercise was to demonstrate to people attending the Cave Rescue Conference at Hucklow and anyone else with links to caving who may be interested in aspects of pumping applications to cave rescue. As some members are aware the TSG has been involved in more than one rescue attempt using these techniques in the past with one notable success. I will recap on this one as it happened some number of years ago.