TSG 13

  • The Ascent of Roger Rains Aven, Peak Cavern
  • An Exciting Day in Peak in Flood
  • Devil's Kitchen and Puttrell's Aven, Peak Cavern
  • The Maypole Inlet Dig
  • Recent Work in Far Sump Extension, Peak Cavern
  • The Cliff Cavern Extensions in Speedwell
  • Nixon's Aven, Peak Cavern
  • P Zero, Sparrowpit, Derbyshire
  • The Gautries Pumping Exercise
  • Neptune Mine, Cressbrook Dale
  • Hungerhill Swallet, Eyam
  • Developments in Waterfall Swallet
  • The Mines West of Silly Dale
  • Peak Cavern - A Lavatorial Postscript
Out of Print