Eldon Hole - Ann Soulsby

Saturday, 5 August, 2017

Present: Ann Soulsby, Luke Brownbridge, Alastair Gott & 2 Guys from Cave and Crag

It was a nice surprise to get a trip as I was expecting doing maintenance work at the hut all day. Alastair and Luke had decided to go over to Eldon so I decided to tag along for a quick trip. We were planning on going up to Millar's Chamber which I do not usually bother with so I was looking forward to this.

Alastair set about rigging the South Gully while Cave and Crag rigged the East Wall. I knew about a devi which was quite hard to spot but unfortunately I couldn't remember just how far down it was  With this limited information Alastair managed to spot the cord and confirmed that it was not easy to spot. Luke followed Alastair and i descended last on our route. All went well until I reached the re-belay where both routes normally converge. I was just pulling myself over to the bolt when my hand slipped off the rope and I took a massive swing and slammed into the rock on my right hand side. It was so sudden and unexpected that I didn't even get time to fend off the impact. I knew that I was quite winded but didn't think anything of it until I got to the bottom and realised it was quite painful getting into the Chamber.

I let the others go up the pull through first as I thought that if I was finding it too painful I would start on my way out. As it happens I managed to get up to Millar's Chamber but realised that I would be better going out on Cave and Crag's route because they only had one re-belay. I therefore had an easy trip with no rigging or de-rigging apart from Luke made the injured old woman carry the rope bag back to the car. 

Back at the hut we washed ropes and I then carried on stripping the visitors Bunk Room. It wasn't until I got home and relaxed on the sofa that I realised just how much it was hurting so I had to warn the diggers that I may not be available for the Sunday. Writing this today it is still no better so I presume that the impact was a lot worse than I first thought.