JH - Ann Soulsby

Saturday, 19 December, 2015

Present: Ann Soulsby, Tony Seddon & Sam Hough

The plan was to do Rowter but I didn't realise that Sam had already done this trip so when SUSS mentioned that they were doing a through trip we asked if we could use their ropes to give Sam his first big caving trip. They agreed so I took the clipboard up to Peak and met Neil and Si who were also planning on rigging JH but they came back down as three of the SUSS team were still on the surface. So they did not waste the day I persuaded them to do a Peak trip so I once more went up to Peak to add their names to the board. When I got back Tony told me that they had decided to complete a Peak to JH through trip so their names did not need to be on the clipboard. We decided to sort it out when we got back.

Headed off to Rowter and got changed in the usual windy but unusual warm weather. It's never warm at Rowter! Headed off to the entrance shaft and sent Sam down first. We stayed close together as this was Sam's first experience of the Cartgate. Bitch Pitch was negotiated without a problem and I then instructed Sam how to negotiate the climb down the alternative route. I descended first so that I could show him the way round the corner. On reaching the Tea Rooms I inspected the fixed rope sending Sam down the final pitch. Tony followed Sam while I
untied some redundant rope.

We were not long at the bottom before we heard Si and Neil. They had an interesting time on the bung but managed to get up successfully. On the way through they had met up with the SUSS group so the clipboard was sorted. Sam was sent up the ropes first and I followed closely behind. We all ended up in a people jam at the bottom of the entrance pitch so Tony asked me to rig the re-belay to speed things up. Headed back to Castleton and Sam spied the chip shop was open. He headed off there while I went to put my kit in the drying room. Tony made tea and bought us Cherry and Chocolate flapjack.