Krypton Series, Peak Cavern - Ann Soulsby

Saturday, 2 September, 2017

Present: Phil Wolstenholme, Ann Soulsby, Charley Cooley, Simon Jackson & Roberta Pavone.

Had an exiting day up the Krypton Series with Simon stretched to the limit with traverses, free climbs and challenging rigging. Exceptionally good practice but extremely tiring for him.

Phil waited at the beginning of the traverse at the top of the entrance rope to show him where all the ledges where to complete the traverse. Charley was also challenging himself as he is not keen on exposure. This is about as exposed as you can be and in full view of the punters in the showcave.

Once at the top we tried a new route for me and prusiked up the rope to another traverse. I didn't bother to go along this as I had seen it before so I waited at the bottom of the free climb to help folks get up. Phil went up first and he instructed and cajoled Simon up the free climb. Roberta went next followed by Charley, who made a meal of it. 

This led to the bottom of another set of ropes which unfortunately are not straight forward SRT. Phil had trouble explaining to Simon how to pass the re-belays. For these pitches the ropes are merely protection whilst climbing. Once Phil had managed to talk Simon through the changeovers I popped up to demonstrate what we meant by using the ropes for protection rather that textbook SRT. Once at the top Phil, Simon and I traversed over to the left whilst we waited for Charley and Roberta. Once they were up the pitches we headed off to the chamber on the right with another classic SRT move of standing in the Y hang to climb up into the next Chamber.

Just one more pitch down into the final Chamber with the broken stalactites and a ponder on where they had actually entered the Chamber in years gone by. All that was left now was to retrace our steps and although the going is a lot easier on the way down, it is definitely quite technical.

Simon did really well and although he decided he was too tired to drive home this evening he is looking forward to the North Yorkshire trip in November. Hopefully his experience today will stand him in good stead for this weekend.