Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2 (top entrance) to the columns - Alastair Gott

Friday, 1 January, 2016

Present: Alastair Gott, Lizzie Kinge, Luke Brownbridge, Kevin Francis, Vicky Bailey (kev's Girlfriend and Perhaps a new TSG member?), our guide (who's name I didn't catch) and Rachael (GSS)

As early as an evening in the pub in Manchester not long before Halloween we had decided we were going to go to South Wales Caving Club for new year. After booking the Accommodation well in advance I left getting the permit until about 2 weeks before :o but luckily I had not left it too late, and we were able to get a permit. So it was on. The Day: New Years Day. (Friday 1/1/16) this was a bank holiday and so one of the very rare occasions that the OFD columns are open to cavers. So after some organisation on New Years Eve, we were able to have a trip, luckily we had a hand with the navigation through the northern side of the labyrinth and were able to see the columns. after seeing the columns (the Guide, who's name I didn't catch and Rachael from Gloucester Speleo Society, whom I met 9 months ago on Easter Weekend at the chapel when she was out for a trip with the Gloucester Mountaineering Club). we were then navigated through the Labyrinth and out through the bottom of Arête Chamber and into salubrious Streamway where we cut ties with Rachael and our guide.

At this point we plodded down the streamway and went to see the Trident and the Judge just off the bottom of the streamway and then carried on down to the (39ft?) climb down into maypole inlet which joins into the OFD Streamway. Luke and Vicky climbed down to have a look but kev, me and Lizzie opted to stay at the top. After this we opted for a quickish exit out up salubrious streamway turning right to go up the Corkscrew and into Chasm Chamber, turning right we found our way past the Wedding Cake and into Gnome Chamber. Then straight out for some tea and cake! A fine way to start 2016.