Eldon Hole

Present: Ann Soulsby, Luke Brownbridge, Alastair Gott & 2 Guys from Cave and Crag

It was a nice surprise to get a trip as I was expecting doing maintenance work at the hut all day. Alastair and Luke had decided to go over to Eldon so I decided to tag along for a quick trip. We were planning on going up to Millar's Chamber which I do not usually bother with so I was looking forward to this.

SRT Training – Chapel – Saturday 16 February 2013
Ann Soulsby, Lisa Wootton, Martyn Grayson, Jess Eades, Irene Healey, David Steward, Simon Mee, Mark Rushton, Colum Walsh, John Geeson, Fatima Olivera, John Roberts, Gordon Riley, Pete Scott, Tony Seddon, Michelle Ping, Scott Bradley, Cara Allinson, Alan Brentnall, Dave Jackson & Andy Keen

What an excellent day and a brilliant turnout. The weather behaved itself very cold but pleasantly sunny. The trees were mainly rigged by Scott with a colander as an helmet…