Lathkill Head Cave

Half a dozen met at the layby at the head of Lathkilldale for a trip into Lathkill Head Cave via the upper entrance. It was a wet night after a pretty wet day, but we still expected the recent good weather to have left the cave devoid of any stream, and we were not disappointed. However, water in the lower Tigers must still have been sumped somewhere as the QRAE II meter we were using started alarming as soon as I abseiled down into the Waiting Room. 18.2% (oxygen by volume) was the reading.

Last Wednesday evening, after spending most of the day with a group from Macclesfield in Mouldridge Mine, and with my DCA "Gasman" hat on, I decided that, having only just recently measured the air quality in Lathkill Head Cave, and Lathkill Head Upper Entrance, it might be a good idea to do the same in the only other entrance - Garden Path.