Old Ash Mine

Eleven cavers met near Oaker for an evening trip into Old Ash Mine, a gated venue in Northern Dale with a maze of passages which can also be entered via a 50m shaft (and pendulum) in the top of the western hill top above the entrance. It's a few years since we last visited Old Ash and split into two parties with one group dropping the top shaft, while the other entered the mine via the lower adit.

The postponed trip into Old Ash was definitely on tonight, and a good group of eleven turned out to meet on the Oaker Road. Pete Dell had sorted out the access with the farmer at Lobby Farm, and we had to be careful to make sure that we found our way to the two entrances. We soon found the little wooded Northern Dale, and followed that until the obvious entranced of Lords and Ladies. The lower adit entrance to Old Ash should be obvious, and, after a bit of scouting around, we eventually located the locked door.