Waterfall Hole

Present: Glyn Roberts, Angus Sawyer, John Sharp, Wayne Sheldon

 April 1st is probably not the best day to plan a trip, would anyone take it seriously? Well four fools did and assembled at the appointed place. Things did not get off to a good start when Glyn announced he had forgotten his oversuit. Not to be deterred he decided a fluorescent site jacket would make a fetching ensemble with his furry suit, at least we would not miss him.

Not a TSG trip at all, but as Ann and I were wondering what to do with the rest of the day after key holding again for the JSCA, we decided that we'd join my other club, Crewe CPC, on their Waterfall Hole trip, as neither of us had been down this cave for quite a few years. Driving up Pin Dale and through Windmill, we soon passed through Foolow and onto the Eyam road and the turn-off to Waterfall Hole. I'd heard that they were upgrading the car park at Waterfall Hole, and I should have found out the current status.