Stanley Moor Caves

After last week's really dry trip into Mandale on a really wet night, tonight was dry (weather-wise) and clear, but only five turned out. But five's plenty for what we had in mind! We started with Plunge Hole. COTPD implies you need two ladders, so I took two, but one 10m ladder was more than enough. After we all dropped the pitch, we went into the chamber, and explored both ways on before returning to the surface.

No less than 11 people turned out for tonight's jaunt - 6 TSG, 4 Crewe and 1 Eldon. I never realised that Stanley Moor caves were so popular! After a long cold trip into Speedwell this morning (and part of the early afternoon) doing a variety of jobs, I was looking for some more active caving, and I certainly wasn't disappointed. It had been quite a few years since my last visit - could I even remember the way?