Moss Chamber - Ann Soulsby

Saturday, 8 August, 2015

Present: Ann Soulsby, Alan Brentnall, Gordon Riley, Sam Hough and Richard Sore

As Sam is still waiting for his SRT training we needed a good non ropework trip before the barbie. As I always enjoy a trip to Moss Chamber we opted for this. Alan and I were also joined by Richard who is looking for a Peak District club and Gordon. We set off bright and early heading off through the showcave and down the slide. Water levels were very low as we travelled along the streamway towards the Wallows and Mucky Duck.

We continued along Upper Gallery towards Pickerings Passage which is a long hands and knees crawl culminating in a manoeuvre over a tricky block and a short climb up to the bottom of a muddy slope. Luckily the muddy slope has footholds cut into the mud as it would be nearly impossible to ascend without these. The slope is followed by a couple of awkward climbs and a further muddy slope. The next obstacle was the eyehole which proved to be somewhat interesting for the first timers!

A short crawl led to the drop down and rope assisted climb leading to the last crawl before the magnificent Moss Chamber. We sat for a while admiring the formations and chilling out until Gordon decided that he was decidedly chilly so we headed out. Plenty of time for tea and cakes before the barbie in the evening.